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Manal El Ramly

Director of Global Markets

“My job is all about creating, developing and nurturing relationships.”

Job Description

Manal is in business development, sales and marketing for an enterprise-data-management software and consulting company. She sees her job as working with commodity industries to build relationships which ultimately results in a partnership where companies license her company’s software and purchase its services, and these companies, in turn invest in a system that helps make their businesses more efficient, effective and profitable.

A Day on the Job

Manal’s company is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with satellite offices in Houston, Singapore, London, Madrid and Raleigh. She works remotely in the Raleigh office. “I’m on the phone and in front of my computer a lot . . . engaging with people that I already know or starting the process [of developing business relationships] with people that I feel I should know.” She has a lot of conference calls, webinars and web meetings where she introduces her company’s software to prospective clients and learns about their business’ specific needs; and how her software can meet those needs. She spends a lot of time checking in with clients, and ensuring that her company and its software continue to deliver as the client expects. In addition, she handles contracts between her company and clients, specifically, drawing up pricing proposals, non-disclosure agreements, license agreements and proof of concepts or pilot agreements.

Job Likes

“I work in a company that my father started in 1995. I was his first employee, so I have seen the long-term fruits of our labor. So it’s personal.” Manal also says that she gets bored very easily, but that this job keeps this from happening. She says, “I’m still pushing myself to learn things.” Her job also allows her to leverage her technical knowledge along with her people skills to create opportunities for her company.

Job Challenges

“For me personally, I feel like I have two different lives. I have the mom life (having three children) as well as my career, and sometimes the most challenging thing is being true to me, being true to my children and being true to my job. This challenge is a challenge true to for many working mothers and fathers.”

Steps to current job

· University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Bachelor of Science and Master’s, Mechanical Engineering

· Public Relations Intern at Swiss Hotel in Cairo, Egypt

· Engineer in Training for an energy utility

· Project manager for an energy utility consulting firm

· Current job, Director of Global Markets, ZE Power Group


Manal says, “The world changes, everything evolves . . . let your youth and energy and your nimble nature lead you. Let the older generation inspire you and guide you, but don’t be intimidated by others that appear to have been somewhere longer . . . You have the power to achieve whatever success you’re looking for.”

Helpful Personality Traits

Persistent, hard-working personality, showing initiative and drive (doing more than was asked), ability to ask the right questions, honesty and integrity.

Hobbies and Interests

Reading (fiction, nonfiction, business), biking, vacationing with family, socializing with friends, making the most out of life; Life is too short not to enjoy!

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