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Firestarters: 100 Job Profiles to Inspire Young Women

Starred Review from The Library Journal:  (Stars refer to books of outstanding quality, significance, and/or popular appeal.  Library Journal has several hundred starred books a year.)

Aiming to assist young women in choosing a career, the authors, who have backgrounds in advertising and marketing, here provide detailed descriptions of 100 fields based on interviews with professional women (one woman for each career) who provide firsthand information on the nitty-gritty of their work. The professions represent an inspiringly broad spectrum, including natural-light photographer, web strategist, museum conservator, opera singer, marine biologist, landscape architect, certified wedding consultant, veterinarian, and chief of police. Entries are arranged alphabetically by the first name of the woman covered, probably to promote a relaxed tone, but the information is precise yet personal and highly informative. Each woman's entry is divided into "Job Description," "A Day on the Job," "Job Likes," "Job Challenges," "Steps to Current Job," "Advice," "Helpful Personality Traits," and "Hobbies and Interests." Reading this absorbing book is the next best thing to having a personal discussion with each of the women. Firestarters belongs on the bookshelves of high school, public, and college libraries and in university career centers. Highly recommended.-Lucy Heckman, St. John's Univ. Lib., Jamaica, NY

Firestarters is a book that should be in every high school library and one-stop career resource center in the country, not to mention in the hands of every young woman heading to college. The stories of these 100 successful women are informative and inspiring—wonderful female role models! The key message of the book is that women have enormous potential professionally and personally. The book’s format, which includes a description of each job, what the women like and find challenging about their jobs as well as advice to young women contemplating a variety of careers, is most helpful. Reading the book in total gives women an excellent insight into the variety of career paths, advantageous personality traits, and the importance of a college degree.

Mary Highberger, Ed.D., NCC
Career Counselor
Henderson Country JobLink Career Center
Blue Ridge Community College
Flat Rock, NC

“I found the stories to be interesting, realistic, and diverse. The ‘Steps to Current Job’ segments affirm what I stress most with my students: post-secondary education and training are crucial elements in the career world!”
—Caroline Stange, Director of Career Services, Polly Fox Academy/YWCA, Toledo, OH

“An excellent resource for young women investigating future careers. The authors have provided well-researched and condensed information on a variety of careers that young women may wish to explore. A ‘must have’ for middle and high school libraries, including career programs, as well as public libraries.”
—Mrs. Mary Sue Burkhardt, CFCS; Career Specialist; Author, Developing Career and Living Skills

"What a great resource for anyone working with girls! This book is easy to read and reminds girls that they can become whatever they desire."
—Jennifer Street, MSW; Counselor, Tampa Bay Baptist Association Christian Counseling Center

“I love the concept of advertising interesting careers for women. My two daughters have options now that were never available to my generation.”
—Nancy Girvin, Ph.D.; Principal, Coronado Middle School (CA) and author of Character

"Firestarters is ablaze with bright ideas—all in an easy-to-read format. This book is guaranteed to spark some dreams in any young woman's heart—it certainly did for my 'tween-age' daughter!"
—Susan Britton Whitcomb, author, Job Search Magic, Interview Magic, and Résumé Magic (JIST)

“People like to hear stories about how others have achieved success. The profiles in this book do that in a concise, interesting way. The advice sections are practical and right on target.”
—Marcia B. Harris, Director, University Career Services, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Firestarters presents a “down-to-earth” view of the many career options that young women have to choose from. I like the fact that it covers the various aspects of a career that are often not considered when deciding what career path to take.”
—Ashley Reed, Licensed Social Worker

“This book will spark interest and curiosity that will not only gear young girls to exploring new careers, but will also allow them the confidence needed to set educational career goals.”
—Pam Mancilla-Santos, Career Services Advisor, Texas School of Business—a Kaplan Higher Education Corporation

“I loved this book! In fact it actually made me change my mind on my major. The quotes were really neat to read, also. It's really helpful to know the day-to-day responsibilities of each job. This book will really help me choose where I want to go in life.”
—Molly P., Student

Firestarters is a very inspirational book. It taught me more about jobs that I had know idea even existed and gave me more options.”
—Ali H., Student

Firestarters is an easy-to-read, well-organized resource book, a perfect source for anyone who is starting her career search. Its wide diversity of careers ensures that anyone will find some aspect of a career interesting and fitting for her and spark her search for possible careers. In addition, the interviews provide a realistic, hands-on feel for what being a career woman is all about!”
—Fawn B., Student

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