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If you’ve found your way here, you’re probably trying to figure out what career would be a good fit for you, or you’re just curious about what kind of jobs are out there.

Firestarters is a helpful and inspiring book for teenage girls that describes interesting professions and fascinating new careers in an informative and positive format. The authors have interviewed 100 real, strong women with exciting and sometimes nontraditional jobs, such as photographers, opera singers, marine biologists, government officials, medical professionals, engineers, business executives, costume designers, attorneys, scientists, chefs, authors, and many, many more. The women profiled in the book were very generous with their time -- detailing what it is they really do each day; what they like and what challenges them about their jobs; what are their educational and work backgrounds and, most importantly, what advice would they give to someone like you who is searching to find a career that is fulfilling.

The authors, Dale and Kelly wish they’d had a book like Firestarters when they were in high school and college. And their passion for the subject matter comes through in the book.

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"Firestarters gives young women an easy way to try on different career shoes and imagine what different jobs look like. Hands-on information, a sense of personal journey, and solid advice gained from lessons learned all find their home in this book."
—Meg Milne Moulton and Whitney Ransome, Co-Executive Directors, the National Coalition of Girls' Schools
career descriptions


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“Firestarters is an apt name for such an engaging and candidly written resource for women's career opportunity exploration. It can ignite the fires of interest in unique, compelling careers and work environments with honest, interesting descriptions from women actually performing these jobs.”
—Kathi Viola, Director of Membership and Marketing, Girl Scout Council of Bergen County, Paramus, NJ

"I truly enjoyed reading the profiles of women in a wide variety of careers. Firestarters is sure to pique the interest of girls and young women in careers they may not have previously considered."
—Heidi Holmer, Librarian, Girls Incorporated®